Items Resizing Challenge


When you heavily resize a PSD layered item, you might notice that shadows don’t look the same anymore. It is because a shadow has pixel size value which gets out of proportion when your item’s size changes. To avoid this problem, you might think of the following:

  • Try to avoid  heavily resizing an item. Plan ahead how large your canvas should be to fit most items.
  • If you really must resize an item to smaller size, please do so in a separate document.


  • First, edit the item until you’re happy with it.
  • Make sure the shadows have the right Global Light angle for the scene.
  • Then merge the group, so your item is now flattened into 1 layer…
  • …OR (advised) convert the group to Smart Object.
  • Drag the Smart Object into your scene and resize.

Do not enlarge items. Instead, create a scene, flatten it in a new file, and then use professional extrapolation software if you need to make a larger scene.