Fabulous Edits is a child website of Iconogenic (www.iconogenic.com), my Dutch studio that has been creating stock imagery since 2005. Fabulous Edits is an extension of my work as photographer into design and, most importantly, products for designer and entrepreneurs.

I wanted to offer a collection of great visuals with great functionality. A type of products that could be useful for boosting one’s brand and pleasure to work with.

Visually rich and aesthetically compelling branding for companies and creatives is not only possible, but can also affordable and unique, using Fabulous Edits’ templates, mockups, scene and styled stock images. Together we can create a stunning new look for your brand, whether you are an artist, a blogger, a designer, a coach, a retailer, or other creative entrepreneur.

Lots of experience and passion went into making this product. You’re getting the best deal ever. Hope you love it, and let me know how you used it, for example, by tagging #fabulousedits on Instagram!

Katja de Bruijn