New Scene From The Master File


You can choose whether you want a head start with a master file, or you want to build a scene all by yourself from scratch.

A Master File is a handy out-of-the-box tool for you to start creative process directly in a well-organized PSD file. It is a horizontally oriented canvas 4000 x 2667 pixels (standard banner format sufficient for most high resolution needs) that contains pre-organized layers with backgrounds and effects. All you need to do it drag the items into the canvas.

If you choose to work on Master File, this is what you do.

Loading the Master File

Open the file called master-file.psd in your product root folder.

You will find several layers and layer groups withing the file.

Re-save the file under your own project name before working. Don’t edit the original master file.

Adjusting Canvas

When you create a specific social media visual, you’d want to have the right canvas dimensions. I have prepared a handy action set called master-canvas.atn, that crops the master file to the needed dimensions without losing resolution.

Proceed to PS actions master-canvas.atn. Install the actions (Load from Photoshop, OR double-click in files folder).

Run the action for the needed canvas (for example, Facebook Cover). The action will basically crop your master document to the right dimensions. If you get a warning, click on Proceed.

Now you have a high resolution canvas with correct proportions to create your social media banner. Have fun creating!

After you’re done with your scene, you want to convert it to web-size file ready to use. Load and use the action set called web-canvas.atn and choose a preset with the same name as the one you had from master-canvas.atn. Save the result in JPG format.

If you prefer to work on the original master file, ignore the previous steps and get back to layers structure.

Exploring Layers

BACKGROUNDS group contains available background surfaces for you scene. Expand the group to explore the backgrounds. Some backgrounds are in their own group, including adjustment layers to change background color and/or lighting. Expand those groups to explore the possibilities. “Custom Color” adjustment layers offers you to double-click on layer icon and pick the desired hue. “Contrast” adjustment layer allows to make material lighter or darker.

EFFECTS group contains several effects that can help to make your scene more alive (lighting, gradients, noise etc).

Noise layer adds subtle grain for more natural effect and to conceal color banding. Always makeup sure it is no top of all other layers. It is a smart object, so you can expand and  double-click on AddNoise text to choose your own noise radius.