Your Design In Mockup


One of the most important customizations of your scene would be replacing mockups with your own designs. For example, putting something into stationery, art frames, onto products etc. Luckily, many of our items include mockup functionality to make it easy for you.

Depending on item, I made the following types of mockup methods:

For PSD mockups with Smart Objects

  • Open (expand) an item’s group of layers.
  • Find a smart object layer marked with an icon and named something like “paste your work here”.
  • Double-click on that icon (not on layer!)
  • A new document will open in Photoshop.
  • Paste your design there, align properly, edit if necessary.
  • Click Ctrl-S (PC), Command-S (MAC) or Save from File menu.
  • Close the smart object window / tab.
  • Looking back at mockup PSD file, you will see it has changed to your own artwork.

For PSD mockups with Clipping Masks

Find a layer named something like “paste your work here”, with an arrow pointing down at a layer below. Open a file with your artwork and Copy its content. Paste it into the clipped layer of PSD mock-up and align properly by clicking V-key (Move Tool).

For JPG files with Path

Photoshop can red a so called Work Path, or Clipping Path, of a jpeg file. A path is a pre-made selection, and you can find it and load it in Photoshop’s Path tab (Window > Paths). After loading a path, you re-create the selection of your mockup area, so you can insert and position your artwork precisely.