I Don’t See Layers In PSD Files!


Don’t worry, the layers are there. The PSD files in Fabulous Scene Creator are Smart Objects, a sort of container for layers that allows non-destructive customization.

How to open and edit the contents of a smart object?

  • Select smart object layer (selected by default).
  • Right-click mouse and select Edit Contents.
  • A new window will open with a PSB file in form of a regular layered file.
  • You can now toggle open the group, edit layers and click save.
  • Close the PSB file and see how the contents has changed in original smart object PSD file.
  • Alternatively, you could select and hold the named layer group with your item, and drag-and-drop it into the original PSD file.
  • After you dragged the group, you could delete the smart object layer.
  • After you’ve done editing the group contents, you can always convert the group back into a smart object.