How Items Are Constructed


Fabulous Scene Creator offers you items in several formats, depending on your preferred way of working.


PSD items are in high resolution and meant to work in Photoshop CS4 and later versions.

An item is a group of layers containing:

  • an isolated object itself (layer named object)
  • one or more shadows at 60° angle (each in separate layer and grouped into group shadows)
  • possibly one or more additional customization layers

PSD items are initially converted to Smart Objects, in order to offer you more minimalist look in layers panel and flexibility. Read here how to edit the layered contents of an item >>


PNG items are in high resolution and in web resolution, and meant to work in any software that can read png.

PNG files are isolated objects over transparent background (i.e. no background).

All items with shadows have 60° light applied, similar to original shooting conditions.