How Do I Change Item’s Color?


What could be nicer than easily changing a color of something in your scene when working in Photoshop layers?

Many of my items have adjustment layers clipped to them, in order to change a color or luminosity. Which adjustments are exactly used, depends on an item. Sometimes it is Hue/Saturation adjustment layer, sometimes Selective Color, Levels or Curves, and sometimes it is a clipped Fill Layer. I particularly favor the later, because Fill Layer allows you to literally pick a color to have it instantly changed.

TIP: if you make your own Adjustment Layer, don’t forget to link it to your object via clipping mask, so that it doesn’t affect underlying scene.

When using adjustment layers for color changes, keep in mind what color it is exactly you want to affect. It all depends on how many hues and which exactly hues your items has. Of course you can also create your own adjustment layers clipped to item layers or background layers.

A step further: Masking

You can go even further in customization by applying a layer mask to your adjustment layer in order to selectively paint in that only area where you need the color changed.

And yet another step further: Layer Blending Mode

Don’t forget to check out your layers blending mode and layer style (Blend If) in order to dictate Photoshop what color values should and should not be affected by adjustments.